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Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine
Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine is used in application of the shrink sleeve label onto container. This sleeve is used in various packaging technologies like foods, beverages, and personal care products, cosmetic and medical equipment. The machine has been recognized for low cost and easy to change tooling that allows for better flexibility and efficiency.
Sticker Labeling Machine
Sticker Labelling Machine is useful to place label accurately on round shape of product. This machine will make your product labels look good, attractive, catchy and clear. This machine is very beneficial to the industrial world as they use novel techniques and save time and money.
Automatic ROPP Capping Machine
Automatic ROPP Capping Machine is ideal for wine bottles, distilled spirits, olive oils, the pharmaceutical industry or any other application. Owing to their sturdiness, excellent resistance properties, and dimensional accuracy, this machine is highly demanded. This is a specialized capping machine where evidence of no product tampering is important.
Automatic Screw Capping Machine
Automatic Screw Capping Machine is used in the food and beverage industry, chemical industry, e-liquid industry, pharmaceutical industry, and countless others. This machine is versatile, self-supported on stainless steel leg with height adjustable adjustment system. This applies plastic and metal threaded caps onto plastic, glass and metal containers.
Shrink Wrapping Machine
Shrink Wrapping Machine is a common term used in the packaging industry. This machine uses a polymer plastic film that is used to cover products. This is referring to a machine used in heat shrink packaging that includes a sealer and heat source to apply heat to the shrink wrap.
Industrial Conveyor
Industrial Conveyor is commonly used in many industries, including the Mining, automotive, agricultural, computer, electronic, food processing, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and many more. This conveyor can be configured to work with a range of ancillary equipment including bends, gates, and turntables. This is also used in conveyor transport such as moving sidewalks or escalators.
Visual Inspection Machine
Visual Inspection Machine aids in inspecting various aspects of drugs during manufacturing and packaging. This can also be used for internal and external assessment of the various equipment in a production facility such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and other equipment.